Graduation Requirements

Joint School District  No.2 high schools are accredited by both the State of Idaho and the Northwest  Association of Accredited Schools. As a member of these associations, Meridian  Schools meet the requirements for graduation as established by both of these organizations.  Graduation requirements are listed below.

The Joint  School District No. 2 Policy Manual Section 603.20 outlines in detail the district policy on graduation. Refer to this link for the most recent graduation requirements.

Required classes for the graduation class of 2013 and beyond:
English8 Credits/RPR
Speech/Debate1 Credit
Math*6 Credits/MPR**
Science***6 Lab Credits
Global Perspectives1 Credit
U.S. History4 Credits
American Government2 Credits
Economics1 Credit
Physical Ed.2 Credits
Health1 Credit
Humanities2 Credits
Electives20+ Credits
Total56 Credits
Students must also be proficient on ISATs and Senior Project.
*Must be proficient in Geometry.
**Two semesters of the required math must be taken in the last year of high school.
***Shall include instruction in Biology, Physical Science or Chemistry, Earth, Space, environmental, or an approved applied science.